A Brief History of Flannel


Our United Stock Dry Goods Autumn Winter 2015 collection includes several pieces utilizing flannel; including their standard shirting in a variety of textures and patterns as well as their signature slim-fit chino.

So, we decided to take a look at the history of flannel and its ongoing presence in menswear, from one-piece union suits to the more refined grey flannel suiting prevalent in the 1950s.

First developed in England during the 17th Century, flannel was initially crafted from worsted yarn, napped on one or both sides. The fabric was warm, extremely durable and soft – perfect for their windy and wet winters.

Because it was so durable and warm, factories soon opened to meet the demand for this fabric, making it more accessible. By the 19th Century, it was being used to produce union suits and long overalls for railroad workers.

Later, in the 1940s, flannel was utilized again by the military, this time providing the lining for the infamous M 1941 field jacket. Once soldiers returned, flannel shirting became much more popular as the American populace became aware of its durability and warmth.

By the 1950s, flannel had grown out of its workwear roots and being used in suiting. The grey flannel suit soon became the go-to for both the office and a night out for men.

Inspired by its durability and versatility, United Stock Dry Goods utilized flannel for more traditional plaid and tartan button-downs, but also in unexpected ways, creating incredibly soft trousers and beautifully textured shirting. Be sure to check out the United Stock Dry Goods Autumn Winter 2015 collection and stock up for winter.



New footwear from Feit has arrived in-store.

New this season, the hand sewn low in Cuoio (pictured above) and the black hand sewn high in black.

The Hand Sewn Low is a luxury handmade version of the classic court sneaker. This FEIT interpretation features FEIT’s advanced Goodyear construction, all natural materials and unlined raw edges. These shoes feature all of the subtle details that the Feit community has come to expect.

Feit recommends that this shoe be worn bare foot. Each pair includes both square leather and cotton laces.


The Hand Sewn Low is built by hand from start to finish by one master craftsman using an advanced Goodyear construction technique that produces a superior shoe

The seamless one piece upper of the shoe is made from a single piece of vegetable tanned leather, hand stitched at the heel. Gusseted tongue reinforces the waterproof construction. Leather is left on the last for 10 days where light steam and humidity are used to tighten the leather, ensuring shape and fit. Buffalo leather is used for the footbed.

The leather is dyed with natural pigments so that the hide retains its natural state and ages richly over time. The superior construction technique and use of natural materials ensure that the shoe breathes and does not retain sweat or odor.

An extra cork and buffalo leather insole is included with each pair to assist with in-between sizing.

Available in-store now.


Photo credit: Tommy Ton
Photo credit: Tommy Ton

Marni Fall Winter 2015 collection has arrived at the shop.

This season, Marni combines razor-edged tailoring with her signature take on proportion and colour. Wardrobe staples get reimagined in luxurious and technical fabrics alongside meticulous detailing.

As always, everything is expertly-executed making for one of the more exciting collections we’ve seen this season.

Available now in-store.




aFounded by Hiroshima-born designer Kiminori Morishita, 08Sircus takes much of its inspiration from classic military garments and sportswear. Morishita faithfully translates their simple utility and attention to quality while utilizing modern fabrics and advanced technical detailing.

This season, we see 08Sircus adding understated-yet-striking subtle details on their incredibly well-made menswear staples. The name 08Sircus is a portmanteau of “sir” and “customer” which embodies the brand’s dedication to crafting understated, well-made garments.

08Sircus is available now in-store.



Stephen Appleby-Barr, The Pale Path, 2015, oil on linen, 60 x 66 inches.
Stephen Appleby-Barr, The Pale Path, 2015, oil on linen, 60 x 66 inches.

Stephen Appleby-Barr’s new show Sigillum opens this Thursday September 17 at Nicholas Metivier Gallery.

Stephen has always been a favourite of ours here at the shop. His skillful use of light and classical technique applied to modern subject-matter and fantasy produces incredible pieces that blur the lines between the modern and historical and fantasy and reality.

It has been a real pleasure witnessing Stephen’s style evolve over the years and we encourage you to check out his show Sigillum at Nicholas Metivier Gallery between September 17 and October 10 with an artist reception Thursday September 17, 6-8PM.



A longtime favourite of customers, our KIN four pocket trousers are back for Autumn / Winter 16 in a variety of new fabrics all sourced from Japan and Italy.

The KIN four pocket trouser is one of our oldest designs that has been refined over the years making it a staple of KIN collections. The trouser sits high on the waist and features a modern, slim tapered leg which is created by applying a slightly curved stitch outerseam.

The KIN four pocket trouser is now available in more fabrics then ever before including charcoal twill, navy twill, herringbone, and a textured indigo (which wears beautifully).