Geier has been quietly producing some of the best gloves in the world since 1927. One of the few remaining glove making factories in the country, has been making nearly 200 pairs of gloves a day at its Main Street manufacturing facility in Centralia for over 85 years.  Owner, Leo Fisher, strongly believes that “As a country we need to build things and sell things,” as he proudly reveals the “Made in the U.S.A.” label stitched inside each glove the company makes.

The simple but yet charming website advertises gloves “… for men and women – for work, dress, driving, and riding.” These gloves are rugged and durable enough for much, much more. Their attention to detail, fit and wear is what makes Geier stand out from the rest.


The Geier Glove Company continues to use much of the same manufacturing and assembly techniques as they did in 1927 when the company was founded. This allows them to maintain lean production while producing a top-quality product.


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Valuing fit, comfort and quality above all else, Geier gloves are designed with minimal design, resulting in beautifully simple gloves. Crafted with the best leathers available for glove and moccasin making, they are available in full and half sizes for the best possible fit.

Sydney’s is proud to currently stock a selection of Geier’s tannery-run grade deerskin and kangaroo skin gloves; a selection of both dress and riding gloves as well as a work glove. Each model fits exceedingly well, though the leather will stretch very slightly — we recommend purchasing a glove that fits the hand snugly.


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