Via the Art Gallery of Ontario.
Via the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Currently on show at the AGO is over 130 works from two monumentally influential British artists — Francis Bacon and Henry Moore.

Paired together, the two seemingly disparate artists share a common aesthetic ground — the horror of the second World War and its toll on their country. Early photography from that period provides the historical backdrop for the artists’ mutated and contorted interpretations of the human form.

The collection of sculpture, drawings, paintings and sketches provides a glimpse at two artists reflecting on violence, war and a shared human condition in very different ways.

Shown alongside Bacon’s fiery, twisted figures, Moore’s sculptures take on a much different energy. In fact, we encourage anyone who has passively strolled by the large installation Henry Moore sculpture outside of the AGO to visit this show. It will undoubtedly change your perspective of that corner.

The show runs until July 20th at the AGO.