Dries with his dog, Harry, on Antwerp’s old port. Image via WSJ.

Dries Van Noten will be making a  return to Sydney’s for FW14. Dries is the third generation in a family of tailors, his grandfather made a name for himself by reworking second-hand clothing by turning them inside out and brought the concept of ready-to-wear to Antwerp. Part of the ‘Antwerp Six’, Dries quickly made a name for himself by producing looks that are at the same time beautifully tailored and elegant yet relaxed. Needless to say, his first collection was an immediate success.

We were surprised to discover (in GQ, of all places) that Dries is also very seriously into food and wine. He shared his favourite restaurants in Paris and Antwerp with the publication.

In a Vogue interview from 2007, he remarked that he is inspired by “anything that reroutes the ordinary”. So, of course we paid special attention to his choices (and we suggest you do as well).

Dries’ 5 Best Restaurants in Paris

1. Le Voltaire
27 Quai Voltaire, Seventh Arr., Paris, 01-42-61-17-49

2. Robert et Louise
64 Rue Vieille-du-Temple, Paris, 01-42-78-55-89

3. La Petite Cour
8 Rue Mabillon, Paris, 01-43-26-52-26

4. Chateaubriand
129 Avenue Parmentier, Paris, 01-43-57-45-95

5. Chez Georges
1 Rue du Mail, 2e, Paris, 01-42-60-07-11

Dries’ 5 Best Restaurants in Antwerp

1. Dôme
Grote Hondstraat 2, Antwerp, 03-239-90-03

2. Dôme Sur Mer
Arendstraat 1, Antwerp, 03-281-74-33

3. Hungry Henrietta
Lombardenvest 19, Antwerp, 03-232-29-28

4. Pizza Arte
Suikerrui 24, Antwerp, 03-226-29-70

5. Sir Anthony van Dijck
Oude Koornmarkt 16, Antwerpen, 03-231-61-70

From GQ.com.