The Viridi-Anne’s Tomoaki Okaniwa studied fine art and oil-painting in Tokyo. He started “The Viridi-Anne” label in 2001, when he felt that he wanted to move from the canvas and create something that would connect to people on the street.

The label concept is based on the idea of the beauty of simplicity and the effects of time. Artisanal design with roots in the Japanese “zen” ideal of “wabi-sabi”, thus incorporating the beauty of the unconventional, the imperfection, the incompleteness and the effects of the natural processes remixed by a contemporary cutting edge vision. It aims at exploring the mysterious traces left by time, erosion, corruption, climate, environment and man himself.

The brand’s melancholic, monochromatic beauty can be found in the detail; subliminal but ingenius cuts, remarkably stylish composition, smooth fits. Each piece reworks the classic wardrobe staples and focusses on refined materials, cutting edge designs, and quality manufacturing and tailoring.

The Viridi-Anne’s FW ’14 Indivisible collection distills exactly what we love about the brand with unique silhouettes and pieces that can integrate seamlessly into any wardrobe, making this collection one of his most accessible yet.

The fabrics are a whole other story. We see thick melton wool alongside soft dyed cottons — each with their own character, depth and texture. From afar these fabrics might appear to be simply “black” or “grey”, but as one gets closer and inspects the fabric, their true character is revealed.

The high neck hooded coat is a stand-out piece from this collection, made from a thick melton wool, featuring snap closures and fully taped seams.

You can shop the entire collection in-store and select pieces online now.