Sydney’s Nominated as Best Menswear Store in Toronto


Friends, we’re pleased to have been nominated as NOW Magazine’s Best Men’s Clothing Store.

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Sydney’s Inspiration – Jean Paul Gaultier

The original muse, Jean Paul Gaultier’s teddy bear Nana.

We missed its Montreal debut, but caught it in Paris.

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk has drawn over a million visitors on its international tour.

 An incredible inspiration to us, Gaultier’s creations are one of the reasons why we got interested in fashion.
Organised by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the exhibition made its way onto Dallas, San Francisco, Madrid, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Brooklyn, London, Australia, and Paris.  336 pieces designed from 1976 to 2015 were on view, including 175 haute couture ensembles and ready-to wear outfits.
The exhibit is an impressive theatrical showcase of Jean Paul Gaultier’s career.



Artist Bryan Lewis Saunders pushed himself to the limit when he decided to take a different drug every day for a few weeks.

Not only was he not sober, but he also drew a self-portrait of himself while under the influence of these drugs each day. The ingested drugs ranged from cocaine to nicotine gum to oxycodone.

Some of our favourites below.

Crystal Meth.
Crystal Meth.
Abilify/ Xanax/Ativan
Abilify/ Xanax/Ativan

Check out the entire series here


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.18.02 AM

We’ve enjoyed a number of delicious dinners at Bar Isabel, and it’s played host to a few of our staff dinners, so when we heard that Chef Grant van Gameron was opening a new bar/restaurant, we couldn’t wait to see what was in store.

This “standing room only” Spanish pinxtos bar serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. A pincho or pintxo is a small snack,typically eaten in bars, traditional in northern Spain and is especially popular in the Basque country and Navarre. They are usually eaten in bars or taverns as a small snack while hanging out with friends or relatives; thus, they have a strong socializing component, and in the Basque country and Navarre they are usually regarded as a cornerstone of local culture and society. They are related to tapas, the main difference being that pinchos are usually ‘spiked’ with a skewer or toothpick, often to a piece of bread. They are served in individual portions and always ordered and paid for independently from the drinks.

Stepping inside Bar Raval, the first thing you notice is the décor.  The sprawling custom mahogany woodwork interiors were designed by our friends at Partisans. Nearly everything is custom, right down to the espresso drip tray which is adorned with a Wu-Tang logo.

Order the King of Ginger cocktail and start with some sobrassada, bread and manchego.

We love seeing independent business owners taking risks and bringing new experiences to Toronto, so we welcome Bar Raval with open arms.

Photo credit: Bar Raval on Instagram.

Bar Raval
505 College Street West
Toronto, ON


Install_3_copy6 Install_8_copy3From January 8 – February 21, 2015, Sperone Westwater is pleased to present an exhibition of sculptures by Helmut Lang, the artist’s first New York gallery solo show.

Lang disappointedly left the fashion world and notoriously took the remainder of his fashion archives which consisted of 6,000 to 8,000 items of clothing, and shredded them up for his art.

“I don’t like to throw things away,” he says, “but I also have the ability to end chapters of my life”.

“That all got shredded with an industrial shredder,” he says, “without hierarchy.”

Showing for a limited time at the Sperone Westwater gallery in New York, Lang’s first art show features sculptures made out of repurposed fabric, zippers, and other materials that were salvaged from a fire at his studio in 2010.


Additional reading: 

Sperone Westwater Press Release: Helmut Lang

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Jean Michel Basquiat took the New York art world by storm in the early 1980’s. Though his career was short, he left an indelible mark on American art.

His work was heavily influenced by Abstract Expressionism, comics, Conceptualism, remix culture, jazz and sports and dealt with themes such as race, social tension and politics. Very quickly, his work was collected by the likes of Paul Simon, Richard Gere and the Whitney Museum with shows selling out and paintings selling for upwards of $25,000 in 1985. Recently, a 1985 painting by Basquiat was sold by Christies for nearly $50 million.

On February 7, the AGO will open the doors to the first ever major retrospective of Basquiat’s work in Canada and is a must-see for anyone interested in art or culture.

Below is a clip of Basquiat in Edo Bertoglio’s film “Downtown 81”.




We came across the Re-directed art series by David Irvine at the Queen West Art Crawl in Toronto.

Based in Brampton, Ontario the artist re-contextualizes and re-works thrift store art with his dark sense of humour. Scouring thrift shops, yard sales and salvaging curb finds, Irvine paints in his own characters, unusual imagery or pop culture icons to give tired pieces a renewed life.