Caring for your suit is just as important as buying the right suit.

  1. Do not dry clean your suit after every wear. We recommend that you dry clean it sparingly. Once or twice every season is sufficient.  It is not advisable to dry-clean your suit more than that as the chemicals can wear on the material, shortening the life of your suit. Even organic cleaners (while considerably better) will produce this negative effect. The exception, of course, is if your suit happens to get stained or becomes noticeably dirty.
  2. If you do dry clean your suit, dry clean the two pieces (jacket and trousers) together. Sometimes the dry cleaning process lightens the fabric.
  3. Invest in a clothing brush and brush your suit regularly. A good clothing brush will rid the suit of any access dirt, dust or food stuffs before they settle in to the fabric.
  4. As for day-to-day storage, we recommend a nice, thick wooden hanger. This will help you suit maintain its shape.
  5. When hanging your suit, hang the suit with the jacket and trouser buttons un-buttoned. Over long periods of time, hanging the suit with the buttons fastened can warp it.
  6. Always let the suit air out for about 24 hours before putting it in a garment bag.  If you can, invest a cedar hanger which will absorb moisture from the fabric and repel pests. Even though it may be tempting some evenings, do NOT leave your suit crumpled on the floor, no matter how many drinks you’ve had.
  7. When it comes to hanging your pants properly (to maintain your crease), we have a proven method. But, you’ll have to visit us in the shop to see for yourself as we’ll need to demonstrate the swift motion involved in-person. So, please stop by!



The Drake Hotel chose United Stock Dry Goods as their go-to stylist and uniform supplier to keep the “front of house” staff looking great from the time they check you in to the moment they carry your bag to the door.

When it came time to looking for a uniform supplier, the Drake wanted to “find something that said as much about your Drake experience as United Stock Dry Goods did. From our Hotel leaders (Jonathan + Jon) to our Guest Service Agents (Zoe, Sebastian,and Alan to name a few) you can expect the professionalism that comes with world class service and the neighbourhood tips and friendliness you’d expect from a well connected old buddy.

Pictured above, United chambray button down shirt paired with United dark denim.
All made in Canada, like the Drake Hotel Toronto.

Images Credits: The Drake Hotel blog


Game of Thrones Red Wedding
Screen shot from the crazy “Red Wedding” scene, Game of Thrones, S3E9.

We’re huge fans of Game of Thrones and neighborhood butcher shop, Côte de Bœuf (A butcher shop right out of Paris in the 90s, the 1890s). And since we love food and Game of Thrones, we couldn’t haven’t been more stoked to hear that they are planning a “Feast for Kings, A Dinner of Epic Proportions” in celebration of the premier of Game of Thrones, season 4 on Sunday, April 6.

Bon appétit!

Image via Côte de Bœuf